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Two days ago when I was making a drawing about the concept, I remembered a very interesting analogy that Ortega y Gasset makes between etymology and history: “… the whole story would be nothing more than an immense etymology, the grandiose system of etymologies. And that is why history exists and that is why man needs them, because it is the only discipline that can discover the meaning of what that man does, and therefore, of what he is. “(Jose Ortega y Gasset,” The man and the people “) Understanding etymology as the origin, reason, form and meaning of words, the single etymological reflection of a word reveals a broad historical process made up of multiple cultural relationships between the word (concept) and the “object” that It is its starting point, this is how the sequence of the concept supports its meaning, as suggested by Ortega y Gasset. Now, regarding the historical phenomenon, I believe that this goes beyond the scope of etymology, since, approaching it through the historical approach, implies the recognition of the historical phenomenon as an “object” in our present, which is the sum of multiple cultural relations (which can even become contradictory) and dynamics of nature that integrate it directly or indirectly. This broadens the field of the historical approach by not only conceiving the historical phenomenon as a merely linear or conceptual sequence, but as something that integrates factors of various orders with different degrees of relationship in the interpretation of said approach. June 12, 2020, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico Dialectic between nature and mind #ugoartwork #mexicanart #selftaughtart #filosofia #history #historia #historigrafia #historiography

Published by Ugoartwork

mexican self-taught painter (not digital, only traditional drawing)

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