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I consider drawing as a knowing activity. I share this little reflection
“Praxis. Existence, experimentation, experience, the historical being”
The isolated individual being, is paradoxical in itself, because it is the negation of nature that it tries to reflect in an idea, in an abstraction, in an analogy, in a concept … A concept, however abstract it may be, will continue to depend on the unbreakable bond of “the other” that exists. Because “the other” existing “is” that, that the historical being (or the sum of physical, biological, psychological, cultural factors, etc …) experiences, interprets and approaches towards itself. The individual being is a historical being, as its constituent parts are, Human “existence” experiences, generates experience, is praxis. Praxis is part of the development of “the other” existing ……. movement of nature ……
“The question as a sublimation of experience
#mexicanart #selftaughtart #autodidacta #sincalcar #ugoartwork  #surrealism

Published by Ugoartwork

mexican self-taught painter (not digital, only traditional drawing)

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