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Syncretism is a cultural phenomenon that manifests very marked parallels in the human being (as an individual and as a society), regardless of their space-time context. One of those parallels is the tendency towards magical-religious thinking, as an interpretation of “the other”, which influences my life and that of others who are like me. Through the interpretation, the magical-religious thought tries to delimit “the other” that is unknown, different and alien to the “I”, the “you, the” us “, because by interpreting the unknown it can be possessed and dominated, therefore the magical-religious interpretation is dogmatic, indisputable and obligatory, so that it can consolidate its dominion over the unknown. However, an absolute, immobile and closed interpretation leads to the denial of “the other”, as well as to renounce the possibility of knowing it in its dynamic complexity. the reaffirmation of ignorance in the “I believe”. on the other hand, the scientific and artistic approach celebrate the inability to embrace the infinity of “the other”. and that is why they manage to know and recognize that although “the other” is strange, different and immeasurable, the human being is part of it. The affirmation of knowledge in ignorance.
“Sincretismo II”, 90x60cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021, #ugoartwork #mexicanart #selftaughtart #autodidacta #sinproyector #sincalcar

Published by Ugoartwork

mexican self-taught painter (not digital, only traditional drawing)

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